Castleminer zombies
Zombies are the basic enemies in CastleMiner Z. They attack, slow down, and horde players when they are playing in CastleMiner Z's Endurance Mode, Survival Mode, and Infinite Resource Mode (if they choose to play with zombies). There are several types of Zombies that are meant to do certain things and have unique strengths. These Zombies are noted for their various colors or types:
  • Regular Zombie: These Zombies are slow and do less damage than other zombies. They can be varied of colors like grey, red, and mostly dull green. They attack with their hands only and do 2 hearts of damage. They are found anywhere within 300 distance traveled, where most types appear. Hint: They don't appear underground very often.
  • Endurance Zombie: This zombie is very fast as well as having the ability to jump abnormally high when compared to other zombies. It's attacks are fast, and do high damage, about 3 hearts. These zombies are especially dangerous when players are traveling up high hills or mountains, where these zombies can catch up to them very fast. They spawn inside a 500 distance meter around the Tower.
  • Green Zombie: These zombies are green, and might appear to some people that they have a toxic haze behind them. These zombies are slow, but do high damage. They only become faster when they are repeatedly shot at by weapons, making them more dangerous. Their health is low, so a shotgun can deal them in in 2-3 shots. Knife attacks are useless, especially if a player is unguarded by his team-mates. These zombies spawn near around 200-400 distance, where the "floating islands" are. They don't spawn underground, but they spawn in groups of two sometimes, so players must be cautious to engage them without being horded.
  • Red Zombie: These zombies only spawn in Miner's Paradise and in the Underworld. They appear to be red or burned, probably due to the fact they spawn out of Lava. They are mediumly slow, or walk at a steady pace. They're attacks deal 2-4 hearts of damage, making players very cautious of them. However, because they're attacks do high damage, they only spawn there, and nowhere else. Assault Rifles seem to be especially effective against them.
  • White Zombie: These zombies are zombie uber units, because they are the last and most dangerous zombie players will confront. These zombies are blue and white in color, and are encountered in the Tundra and Miner's Paradise. Their fast attacks do about 3-4 hearts of damage per hit. This type of zombie has much more health than any other zombie.


  • Some zombies have a bug, or a glitch. This causes them to run into walls and disappear, and amazingly forever.
  • Every zombie type spawns in Miner's Paradise, because it is the hardest biome to cross, besides the underworld.
  • If a Player ignores a walking zombie for too long it will eventually grow agitated and sprint at the player.

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