hi I'm Dan67 I'm creating Pages on Castleminer Wiki to update the Games
The Real Renamon
We Love to play,The Picture on the Right is Renamon So please show respect for her. Today is December 16th 2011 and the best thing that happened for me today is that the creator of Castleminer Has been Found yes I said it He was gone for almost a Year till king told me that his Xbox 360 was Broken so the only thing i'm hoping for is to say hi to for the first time ever in my Life. I'm Devoted To renamon and Also Devoted my time here at School to help out the Website along with King Fredrick VI the only living person on Castleminer Wiki it was like that till i met a Cruel person who came to our site displaying fowl language to the Ammopile Update page for Castleminer Zombies and i told him to quit being mean and to actually play the game before he opens his big mouth on this website Ever Again.