Trial Mode is a demo of the game CastleMiner. In this mode you can build with 32 different blocks that you start out with. You can unlock different blocks by doing certain tasks just like in the full game but itc

The 32 blocks you start out with.

an be harder since you only have an unlimited amount of time. The blocks you start out with are : Lantern, Crate, Gripping Metal, Rock, Asphalt, Decorative Tiles, Lard Blue Tile, Sand, Lizard Skin, Slime, Lake Bed, Serf Walls, Book Shelves, Dirt, Log Walls, Slate, Brushed Metal, Chrome 1, Plaster, Stone Bricks, Checkerboard Tile, Fiberglass, Polished Marble, Stone Carving, Metal Plates, Future Metal, Space Rock, Tan Floor Tiles, Concrete, Grass, Red Brick, and Wood Tiles