"Use these to light your world."
— Description of the Torch in CastleMiner Z.

Torches are a light source in CastleMiner Z. A player starts out with 16 torches, but if a player were to run out, they can craft more torched by combining Coal and Wood Stick. Torches can be used to light up dark areas such as Caves and Caverns and plain surface areas at night. Torches never wear out, and are necessary for survival in CastleMiner Z. They also keep some Zombies and Skeletons away. In CastleMiner, Lanterns replace torches.


  • Torches are not in CastleMiner but are in CastleMiner Z.
  • Torches can be infinitely used like blocks in Infinite Resource Mode. This could make the game seem unfair though, as players would place so much torches, zombies wouldn't spawn.

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