It's Great to Help out the Community, But Taking Advantage of the Staff will not be Tolerated

No Ego Editing

Egotistic Editing is a Type of Selfish editing that Focuses on one individual and They also show little or no Respect to Staff and other Contributers. Ego Editing is easily Detected when a Egotistic editor tries to make up false tales about themselves being Admins on the site when there ain't and Posting Information that has alreadly been posted or is not related to the Subject. Ego Editing can result in blocks ranging from 2hours to a Month depending on the severity of the edit or Bad Attitude.

No Vulgar Editing/Chat

Vulgar or probably known as "Sexually" is a Type of Editing or Chatting that Involves Sex Related or Perverted Activities. Vulgar edits or Sexually disturbing/Harassing terms being used in chat will Result in a 2hour block, repeated Offenses will result in longer blocks or Chat Ban.

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