Lava is a block in CastleMiner. It produces light and is found at the bottom of maps. To unlock it, you have to place 10 blocks on your map. Lava in CastleMiner Z is also used as a common lighting below the surface and also as a hazard if a player falls and drowns in lava, killing them in 3 seconds. Lava is located in the Underworld in large quantities, often surrounded by Bloodstone. In CastleMiner Z, Lava cannot be mined, probably because it would always accidently kill players.


  • Red/Burned Skeletons and zombies spawn out of Lava. This is sometimes rare though.
  • Lava is being currently updated in CastleMiner Z. With this update, 1.4, Lava will be able to flow naturally around and over other blocks, similarly to how water will be updated in the 1.4 update.