Hearts (or Health) is a feature in CastleMiner Z. It displays how much health the player has left before becoming fallen. It is displayed by 10 red hearts at the top of a player's toolbar. When the player is attacked by an enemy, a certain amount of the Hearts will disappear or be drained of their red color. If the player stays out of harm's way for about 6 seconds, their lost or drained hearts will re-appear, and the player will be back to full health. If a player dies, their screen will be tinted red and it will say "You have Fallen"." *players gamertag* has fallen" is what players in the same game will see when a player dies.

How to lose Hearts (Health)Edit

A player loses Hearts or Health by sustaining an enemy attack or natural damage such as:

  • Arrows by Skeleton Archers
  • Melee attacks by Zombies
  • Shot at by fireballs from Dragons
  • Shot at by iceballs from the Ice Dragon
  • Sword, Axe, or melee'd by Cave Skeletons
  • Hit by a Demon
  • Falling in Lava
  • Falling underneath the map limit (3 Bloodstone under the surface of Hell)
  • Sustaining Fall Damage (7- Infinite blocks of height fallen)

The amount of Hearts or Health depleted on each attack can be varied depending on the Difficulty, type of enemy, or amount of height fallen.


  • Players are likely to die in a game of CastleMiner Z by accidently falling a high distance, getting swarmed by Zombies, or accidently falling into Hell.