There are no guns in the original CastleMiner, but there are many in CastleMiner Z. These consist of a pistol, a rifle, a sub machine gun, a shotgun and an assault rifle.


This is your Standard M1911.45ACP or Pistol it has a 8round-clip with Accurracy That Decreases based on how far you are from the Infected. You and your Squad will start with this pistol in any game mode, However even though it's a Good pistol that Doesn't mean it will Kill Everything and It's a Semi-automatic so do your Best Not to miss.


The Rifle has to be crafted before it can be used in the game you need a Few bits of Iron and Wood to unlock the rifle for use. The Rifle is a Semi-automatic with a 8round-clip but it has slight recoil which can throw off Aim due to the oversized bolt on the gun and since it's used as a Sniping Weapon it's strongly Recommened to Reload between Kills when Fighting the Infected in close or Mid-range combat.


the SMG has to be crafted before it can be used in then Game you need 3iron and some wood to unlock the SMG for use. The SMG is a Good room-clearing weapon in Case if a Few zombies breach the bunker, However it's high rate of Fire causes a lot of Vertical Recoil which can Make burst Fire Impossible along with Using nothing but 9mm meaning this weapon is Best used for close range combat.


The shotgun has to be crafted before it could be used in the game you need a Few iron and Wood to Unlock The Shotgun for use. The 870MCS or Shotgun is perfect for killing both weak and strong Zombies, However it has a slow Rate of Fire since it's pump-action only a slow Reload and Poor Accurracy beyond 8feet or higher so it's Recommended for Close Combat only.

Assualt RifleEdit

The Ak-47 or Assualt rifle can neither be crafted or spawned with after entering the Promo Code from The First Castleminer Game. it has a 30round-clip, does Moderate damage and has Little Recoil But the AK-47 is a rare gun and very Few may or may not get the chance to Hold one.

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