Dragons are a dynamic enemy added in CastleMiner Z v1.2. Dragons can spawn just about anywhere but are usually found towards the middle of biomes or can normally be found flying over head if you stay in an area for around 3-6 days. On Hard mode, Dragons' projectilies can cause blast damage to certain blocks, such as wood, logs, leaves, rock, dirt, grass, snow, and sand. Dragons can easily be spotted simply by the loud roars heard by them and their immense size. They can also be avoided simply by staying low and waiting for them to pass by. Take caution when fighting a Dragon to make sure you really want to pick a fight, for it can be difficult to have a Dragon lose your trail. Dragons behave like a bomber. They fire once then will swoop back for another shot. Sometimes they stay stationary in the air when the dragon flys near the player. It would then rapidly fire for 10 seconds at one area then returns to flying again. There are 5 Dragon types, each with their own biome:

Undead Dragon: The Undead Dragon is the strongest type of dragons, found in Hell/Underworld.

Ice Dragon: Ice Dragons can be encountered at the Polar Ice Caps, or Tundra.

Forest/Mountain Dragon: These dragons can be commonly found at the Rocky Mountains and/or the Forest.

Fire Dragon: These are the basic dragon types. They can be found mostly everywhere.

Sand Dragon: The Sand Dragon can be found in deserts.

Each Dragon will drop assorted metal bars such as Iron, Copper, and Gold. Also, added in the 1.3 update, if the player manages to kill the Undead Dragon, they will be rewarded with a all-new game mode "Dragon Endurance Mode", in which the player fights off wave after wave of dragons.

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