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A demon on the surface at day, a rare occurance.

Demon is a CastleMiner Z enemy type that was introduced in the 1.4 update. It's attack causes around 7 hearts worth of damage to the player, making it extremely dangerous. It spawns frequently in the Underworld/Hell biome. So far after the update, the Demon proves to be the first heavy ground unit only, unlike the Dragon which remains air-borne. Upon death, they drop high value items such as Diamonds.


  • The Demon is the first heavy ground unit in the game.
  • Demons in CastleMiner Z have a poor jumping ability, probably due to their weight/size; they can jump up 2 blocks but not 3-4 for some reason.
  • The Demon spawns once every 10 minutes or more in hell due to the damage it inflicts on a player and it's difficulty to kill.
  • Demons don't run (probably because of their mass) but they walk a little faster to still be considered a threat.
  • The Demon wears iron shoulder pads to withstand most attacks, but it's weak against Bloodstone weapons.
  • The Demon has health around 7 hearts.
  • One can tell when a demon spawns, as you can hear it's malicious laugh usually when it appears.
  • The Demon is twice the size of a player.
  • Their characteristics are red skin (Demon Skin), metal chest armor, horns, protruding muscles, ungulot-like legs (goat or horse legs), a two-splited end tail and hooves as their feet.
  • When Demons walk into Lava, they disappear. This could be due to the fact that they are actually living organisms (Zombies are dead, Skeletons have no mass).
  • The Demons can disappear at random times in hell.

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