Tools are helpful items a player can craft in CastleMiner Z to help them with mining/harvesting certain materials and navigation. These include Pickaxe, Axe, Spade, Compass, Clock, Teleporter, and a Navigation Aid.


This tool is a common tool for players as it is used to mine every type of block in CastleMiner Z, depending on the variation. Ther are Stone, Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Bloodstone variations of the Pickaxe. Crafted by Stick and Rock.


Spades are used to easily mine up soft elements like Dirt, Snow, Grass, and Sand. There are variations including Stone, Copper, Iron, Gold, and Diamond Spade. Crafted by Stick and Rock.


Axes are tools used to quickly mine tree and wood-like elements that are Log, Wood, Leaves, Crates, and Doors. Variations include Stone, Copper, Iron, Gold, and Diamond Axes. Crafted by Stick and Rock.


A compass is a tool already included in your inventory when you start the game. It has a green and a red arrow. The green arrow points directly away from the Bedrock Tower, and the red arrow points/lead the player to the Bedrock Tower (the beggining/start area). Crafted by Sand, Coal, and Copper.


The clock looks exactly like the compass, except it has one red arrow that tells the time of day by pointing to one way. It is crafted by Sand, Coal, and Copper.


A teleporter is a tool used to teleport the player to one location one time. The player sets and names the waypoint, then moves a far distance away, and teleports to that location by pressing the Left Trigger Button. The teleporter looks like the clock and compass, except it is red and the arrow is blue. Bloodstone is a key item in it's crafting.

Locator Edit

Locator is/are a tool that points to a waypoint the player has set. The player names and sets the waypoint, and when the player has left the location, he/she can pull out the locator, and it will point to the location. The locator gets it's health depleted whenever a player sets a waypoint. It is blue and the arrow is yellow. gold is a key item in it's crafting.


Doors are items that can be placed in the game, mostly in inclosed tight hallways. They keep zombies and skeletons from coming in, and can be opened/closed by pressing the B Button while close to it.


  • Most people wouldn't think, but Doors are actually tool/helpful items.
  • Teleporter and Navigation Aids were included in the 1.4 update.

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