CastleMiner Z has 4 enemy types which split off into branches.

Light mobs Edit

These mobs tend to be fast and fight in groups. They are very common and attack with little warning to those who they chase.

  • Normal Zombie:Found at the forest, common in the Vertigo Forest and Hell.
  • Green Zombie:Found in the Vertigo Forest, Orelands and Mountains.
  • Red Zombie:Found commonly at the Forest, Vertigo forest and the Orelands.
  • Blue Zombie:Commonly found at Tundra or the Mountains.
  • Yellow zombie: Rare, can only be seen in Orelands or in the Desert and rarely drops bedrock
  • Grey zombie: Uncommonly found at all biomes.

Air unit Edit

Large creatures with destructive fire-power that can level most varieties of block with ease.

  • Fire Dragon: Located at all regions but the Tundra.
  • Forest Dragon: Located both at the Forest and Vertigo Forest
  • Sand Dragon: Exclusively found in the Desert Biome
  • Ice Dragon:  Exclusively found in the Tundra Biome
  • Undead Dragon: Very powerful, can be found in Hell at 3700-4700 steps.

Marksmen/Melee Edit

Undead that rely on hit-and-run using hastily crafted medieval weapons.

  • Normal Skeleton: Found underground, unarmed.
  • Sword Skeleton: Found underground, armed with an oversized steel sword
  • Duel-Hatchet Skeleton: Found in Hell, armed with powerful hatchets.
  • Archer Skeleton: Found everywhere other than under the earth. These skeletons have impressive aim and their arrow damage varies depending on the color of their bones.

Heavy unit Edit

Powerful, armored mobs that lay the pain and require great force to kill.

  • Demon: Native to hell, but rarely found above ground, they can take heavy damage and cause serious damage to the player if hit.
  • Aliens: Born with a thick metallalic exoskeleton, these Xenomorphs can easily withstand conventional weapons that are below BloodStone in quality. Their armor does not hinder their speed while they aggressively defend valuble Space Goo, Fighting one alone is Death to the player.

Undecided Edit

Mobs that are still under study and have not been classified as a unit yet