BloodStone is a dark red block with a vein like texture that is found in Hell. This block can be found by digging 40 distance downwards as the player will fall into Hell, where Bloodstone is everywhere. This block can also be found everywhere underground, there is no limit to where it is found underground. Bloodstone can only be mined by a Diamond Pickaxe or a Bloodstone Pickaxe. Bloodstone can be used to craft Bloodstone Weapons, Bloodstone Pickaxe, and a Bloodstone Knife, which are all the highest ranking upgraded weapons of their class. A player should note that to tell if their weapon is Bloodstone, there will be a dark red diamond on the side of their weapon (unless using a Bloodstone Pickaxe and a Bloodstone Knife) or the weapons piece that would actually do damage to enemies is red, indicating the weapon is Bloodstone. Bloodstone is very hard, being the best block to use as defense against Zombies tunneling or Dragons shooting fire.


  • BloodStone is the hardest material found in CastleMiner Z.
  • This block is in CastleMiner, but it is renamed Demon Skin.
  • Only the Undead Dragon can break through Bloodstone.
  • If you use BloodStone as flooring, it might spawn undead

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