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BloodStone Weapons are the strongest weapons in CastleMiner Z. All of these guns use diamond bullets and have increased durability.

Knife Edit

A hand to hand weapon. Best used as a last resort. It has the best durability of all the knives. Damage, Hit rate and Durability is Maxed out when upgraded to Bloodstone

Pistol Edit

The Pistol is a basic semi-automatic gun, best used around 0-95 distance. It is crafted from 10 wood and 5 copper. It's Damage, Range and Stock Durability is maxed out for the Pistol once upgraded.

Sub Machine Gun Edit

The Sub Machine Gun has a high-rate of fire but with poor accuracy and damage, and is crafted from 20 Bloodstone and 2 Diamond. When Upgraded it's Stock Durability and Firepower is Maxed out (Range is Unaffected)

Rifle Edit

A very good long range weapon. Semi-automatic with high recoil, but has extreme power. Firepower, Range and Stock Durability is Maxed out once Fully Upgraded.

Shotgun Edit

The Shotgun is a short ranged gun with high damage up close, but set off by a slow reload time. It is crafted from 20 Bloodstone and 3 Diamond. Firepower and Stock Durability is Maxed out when Upgraded

Assault Rifle Edit

The Assault Rifle is a high powered and fully automatic weapon. It is crafted from 50 Bloodstone and 6 diamonds. Range, Firepower, and Stock Durability is Maxed out when upgraded, but it's not as good as laser weapons.

Light machine gunEdit

Introduced in the 1.6 update, it can hold 100 bullets in one magazine. It's not as good as laser weapons but with 60 bloodstone you can make yourself a bloodstone LMG.

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